SADD recognizes the drastic impacts the 2020-2021 school year has had on students. In addition to health and safety challenges, Covid-19 restrictions have led to social isolation and the cancellation of so many meaningful events. Throughout this year, SADD has made it a priority to make sure students feel supported and connected within OUR community to help make up for lost socialization and milestone events, particularly for teens. 

In this spirit, SADD will be hosting a virtual prom for high school students all over the country! On May 8th, all students in grades 9-12 are invited to attend this virtual event of music, games, giveaways, outfits contests, and more. Please follow the steps below to join us for “Lights, Camera, Prom!”

How to Register:

1. Click the link below to purchase your ticket ($10) FREE! Thanks to generous donations from our SADD National Board Members. 

2. The ticket link will take you to our registration form. Once submitted, you will recieve the link to our event.

3. Prepare a movie or premier-inspired outfit to wear.

4. Join us on May 8th at 8 PM EST to become a SADD movie star!

**Generous sponsors can still contribute this event by clicking the "Become a Sponsor" button below. Thank you.


Click HERE for a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Stay tuned to SADD social media for updates, including prizes and other surprises!





We need your help making this event a huge, nationwide event! In addition to spreading the work and inviting your friends, SADD is looking for student participants to be featured in our national marketing material. You can earn Presidential Volunteer Service Award or community service hours by participating in the activities below. Simply follow the instructions, keep track of the hours needed to complete the content, and send your finished content to Please submit only once and use the resources you already have available.


Outfit Reveal – Create a video or TikTok of you thinking about what to wear to “Lights, Camera, Prom” and then cut to reveal your outfit! It can be a look ready to walk a red carpet or an outfit that is inspired by a movie! Be creative, use what you have available and have fun!

Make-Up Video – Create a time-lapse of you doing your make-up for “Lights, Camera, Prom.” The make-up look can be glamours for a red carpet or inspired by a movie. Maybe a specific character, genre, effect, whatever you want! Show us your talent as a make-up artist!

Homemade Movie Scene – What movie inspires you? Recreate an appropriate scene from your favorite movie using only items you have at home (toys, crafts, costumes, etc.)  Don’t worry about accuracy, just have fun! Here is an example.  Max hours to earn working on this activity: 5.

Movie Scene/Poster – Dress up like a character from your favorite movie and send it to SADD. If you feel comfortable, use your picture to create a movie scene or poster featuring your photo. Feel free to team up with your friends to dress up together and represent a movie.

Celebrity Cameo – Got any good impressions? Let’s show off the starts coming to this event. Either dress up or record your impression saying you will be attending “Lights, Camera, Prom.”

Invitation Outreach – Create a prom invitation featuring a picture of you. Simply take a picture of an outfit you could wear to the prom and add a caption containing event details. Share it with at least 10 friends via social media, text messaging or email. Send your invitation to us first for approval and so we can share as well.

Recipes for Prom – Every party needs snacks and drinks, even virtual ones! Share with us your favorite snack or mocktail recipes to help us create signature drinks and dishes for the event. Earn extra hours by creating a TikTok or time-lapse video of you creating your recipe. Feel free to include text instructions or voice-over narration.

Other – Do you have any idea for marketing “Lights, Camera, Prom?” Reach out to us and share your idea for approval. We will provide feedback to earn hours in a way works for you and takes advantage of your creativity.


If you have any questions or need assistance with these activities, reach out to Program Manager Aaron Medina at and he will do his best to assist you. Look forward to seeing your “Lights, Camera, Prom” content and hope you have fun making it.